$5 Profit Funnels Review – Real Income Funnels$5 Profit Funnels Review – Real Income Funnels

$5 Profit Funnels Review – Real Income Funnels

Well Come to my the $5 Profit Funnels Review are proven done-for-you sales funnels that anyone can clone in 2 clicks to earn passive income with affiliate marketing. I’ve taken 5 profitable funnels from my affiliate business and packaged them so anyone with no previous experience can clone them and duplicate my results.

It’s literally taking a slice of my 7-figure business:

  1. Clone each funnel in 2 clicks.
  2. Costs $0 to run – Everything is hosted on free services.
  3. Built in free traffic sources so there are no ads to buy.
  4. Each funnel promotes a hand-picked affiliate product that is proven to convert.
  5. Affiliate approval is guaranteed when you use these funnels.
  6. 2-Hour total set up time for each funnel.
  7. Starts earning sales and commissions in 24 hours.
  8. Set up as many or as few as you need to achieve the income you desire.
  9. Set and forget design – These funnels work 24/7 generating sales and commissions on autopilot.
  10. 60-70% email subscriber conversion.

Tested with over $18,000 in profits.

Clone these funnels in 2-clicks and get an immediate flood of traffic, leads, and sales.

The best part is I’ve designed these funnels as a teaching tools after cloning them you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to create your own sales funnels. Expand your business to 6 or 7 figures in income.

Product: $5 Profit Funnels

Vendor: Luther Landro

Official Website: Click Here

Front-End Price: $5

Recommendation: Highly Recommend!

Niche: Software

Launch Date: 2024-05-02

Launch Time: 09:00 EDT

Trying to build sales funnels on your own can be intimidating and expensive.

Most of the time newbies get overwhelmed trying to pick a product to promote, or build a landing page, or writing email sales copy and simply give up before they ever build their first profitable funnel.

Seeing beginners struggle with this again and again I decided to do something about it.

I decided the best way to help beginners get started is to do all the work for you…

Taking 5 profitable sales funnels from my own 7-figures business and making them ‘cloneable’ in just 2 clicks…

Then making it crazy affordable with an outrageous guarantee.

Just set up one or all 5 of these proven sales funnels to start building your email subscriber list and earning commissions.

It only takes about 2 hours to clone your first funnel and results come the very next day. These funnels work 24/7 all week long generating traffic, leads, sales, and commissions.

Everything uses free software to host, automate, and manage so there is no out of pocket expense after your $5 investment.

$5 Profit Funnels Review to make sure you make the most of these funnels, I recorded a step by step video training that will walk you through setting this up in a few hours.

$5 Profit Funnels Review – Real Income Funnels

Step 1: Set up your free accounts

In part 1 of this training I walk you through how to set up your affiliate accounts the right way so you get approved for any offer you want to promote.

I also walk you through setting up free accounts to host your landing pages and the free email auto-responder I recommend every beginner use.

This is a crucial step nearly all affiliate training misses!

In 1 hour you’ll have all your accounts opened and ready to go.

Step 2: Install your profit funnel

Remember: All the work is already done for you!

I’ve designed these funnels to be installed in as few clicks as possible.

I’ll walk you through installing these funnels click by click so you’re up and running in under an hour.

Step 3: Profit

After 2 hours of set up, your job is done!

Let the automation handle the rest.

The click-magnets generate targeted buyer traffic…

The landing pages convert that traffic into email subscribers…

The sales emails generate sales and commissions.

All working automatically 24/7.

Now it might seem crazy for me to give away personal sales funnels for only $1 each and you’re right. It is crazy.
Normally I sell DFY sales funnels at a price of $297 and that’s if you’re already a coaching student or customer.
I’ve decided to offer this insane discount for 2 reasons:

  1. To put my best foot forward.
    I sell software, training, private coaching, and done for you sales funnels and I want you to become a customer for life.
    I feel if I can put my best foot forward and simply get you results you’ll have the proof and motivation you need to build a 6-figure affiliate business.
    My hope is that you take a protion of the money you earn with these funnels and invest them into MORE DFY sales funnels at my normal price of $297 and that you will join my partnership program to work together in scaling your business.
  2. I want you to become my affiliate.
    I rely on affiliates to sell all of my products.
    I’m hoping that as you build your affiliate business, you’ll promote my offers to your email list in the future.
    After all Nearlly all of my best affiliate partners started out as my students.
    When you invest in one of my programs, you join the family.

I want to remove all the risk for you in trying out these sales funnels.

Now legally, I can’t guarantee that you will make any money. What I can guarantee is your satisfaction, and I’m doing that in not one, but 3 ways:

Just try these $5 funnels on me. I included links to free hosting and email marketing so it won’t cost more than that.

If in the next 60 days these funnels don’t generate the leads, sales, and profits you expected or If you don’t find this to be the easiest funnel you have ever set up…

Or even if you don’t like how my voice sounds in the training video, any reason at all Just send me a support ticket and I’ll send you back your $5.

You can even keep the funnels and all the bonuses as my gift for trying them out.

You must act now however, as I am not keeping this crazy $5 offer open for long.

$5 Profit Funnels Review – Real Income Funnels

Profit Funnel 1 – $297 Value

Profit Funnel 2 – $297 Value

Profit Funnel 3 – $297 Value

Profit Funnel 4 – $297 Value

Profit Funnel 5 – $297 Value

Over the shoulder set up training – $97 Value

On-demand coaching – $197 Value

Total Value of Everything YOU GET TODAY: $1,779

Choice 1 you could do nothing and continue to let bills pile up while trying to build some consulting or Amazon FBA business on your own that you know will never work for you.

Choice 2 you could take the information on this page and try it on your own. Sure, you might find success but only after years of failed trial and error.

Or Choice 3 the smart choice. Grab the $5 Profit Funnels, follow the set up video to install them in 2 clicks and start profiting the very next day.

Q: How do I access My purchase?

A: Our products are delivered by the affiliate network Warrior Plus. You can access all your purchases here.

Q: What is the $5 Profit Funnels?

A: The $5 Profit Funnels are affiliate marketing sales funnels that have generated over $18,000 in profit in my business. You can clone these funnels in a few clicks to duplicate my results.

Q: Is this something I’ve seen before?

A: No! These funnels Never been revealed publicly. The traffic source, email lead sources, sales strategies, and affiliate offers have all been private information between myself and my high-ticket coaching students until now.

Q: Is this really newbie friendly?

A: 100%! This coaching program was designed with newbies in mind. I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through every step of setting this up, assuming no prior knowledge or experience.

Q: How exactly does this work?

A: Once you join the $5 Profit Funnels you’ll have access to 5 different sales funnels. Follow the included training video to duplicate these funnels into your free account and start earning profits.

Q: Does this include free traffic?

A: Yes! Each funnel comes with click magnets as well as a list of traffic sources to genearte buyer leads.

Q: How much do i need to spend out of pocket?

A: 0$! There are no additional costs to get started in this challenge, in fact I have dedicated an entire section on how to get everything you need at no cost. There are some applications and services you can pay for to speed things up and scale, however they are not needed to get started using your funnels.

Q: Are there any upsells?

A: The $5 Profit Funnels contain everything you need to achieve the results described on this page, and no additional purchases are necessary. After checkout you will have the option to purchase additional products from me to help you achieve results even faster, and scale beyond $10k/month however they are not necessary to use your profit funnels.

Q: How much can I make with this?

A: Legally we can’t guarantee that you make any money with this as most people won’t put it into action. That said, you can build your email marketing business to any level you want. Have a small list that makes just enough to quit your job, pay your bills, and have some play money, OR scale your list to tens of thousands of buyers and make millions when you follow the steps I give you.

Q: How long until I start making money using this?

A: How long it takes depends entirely on how fast you are willing to put this into action.

Q: Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

A: YES! You have a full 60 days to try this out for yourself. If you are not completely 100% satisfied, for any reason at all, just send me a quick email with the word refund, and I’ll send you back every penny. No hassles, no questions.

Q: How do I get instant access to this?

A: After you click the buy button and complete the checkout, you will get immediate access to the member’s area, where you can access everything listed, as well as a few more surprise bonuses I have for you.

Q: Can I do this form any country?

A: Yes! The affiliate networks in this challenge pay directly into your bank or paypal account to anywhere in the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Review of $5 Profit Funnels. This innovative product offers a comprehensive solution for online marketing. By purchasing $5 Profit Funnels today and initiating your marketing efforts, you can start earning commissions instantly.

I wholeheartedly endorse the $5 Profit Funnels platform. If you’re looking to establish a long-term online business, $5 Profit Funnels comes highly recommended for everyone. Thank you for visiting my $5 Profit Funnels Review page.

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